About Us


South Africa currently has around 150 incubators, the majority of which are Government supported, via the Small Enterprise Development Agency (Seda) through their Technology Programme (STP).

The Southern African Business and Technology Incubation Association (SABTIA) was initially set up in 2005 to serve as the incubator industry standards, practitioner and members association, by providing the dissemination of knowledge, skills and expertise to all incubators nationally, continentally and internationally through partnerships with stakeholders like STP.

SABTIA is an independent and private association formed to promote and coordinate business incubation in Southern Africa.

SABTIA was established to:

-Develop a network of organisations, individuals and companies to support SMME development in Southern Africa.

-Promote and stimulate a knowledge-based economy.

-Lobby decision makers and stakeholders on behalf of its members.

-Expand the business incubator concept in a creative, results-driven environment to activate growth and economic vitality.

-Serve as an entry point for international incubation into SA.

-Develop good practice standards and methods for business incubators.

-Develop and encourage a professional code of conduct within the incubation fraternity.

SABTIA  objectives:

To develop a self-regulated professional code of conduct for incubators.

To continuously educate incubation practitioners through the development and provision of an accredited incubation management programme.

To provide optimized research and development activities to enable incubators to remain on trend.

To facilitate events enabling funding and market networks for SMME development.

To adopt and adapt incubation business tools that drive SMME sustainability.