Start-Up Youth

DSBD, in collaboration with Seda and SABTIA, will host a Youth Dialogue on “Igniting Growth and Access to Markets through Business Incubation”. The dialogue is a platform created to bring together government, industry experts, and the youth to reflect on Incubation, the challenges and innovative solutions that are available to them. We are excited to invite you to become part of the dialogue!

The youth of South Africa are the most vulnerable group in society. South African youth face numerous challenges; namely high unemployment, limited economic opportunities, unrefined entrepreneurial leadership and knowledge, and limited access to quality education. The dialogue, “Igniting Growth and Access to Markets through Business Incubation”. will be a space whereby youth will have an opportunity to engage with government, industry experts, and youth of a similar caliber. It is the aim of the dialogue that speakers will impart knowledge to youth, however, beyond that, the dialogue endeavors to create a space where innovative solutions to challenges affecting the youth are created.


SABTIA Africa Tech-Camp 2018

Embrace the fourth industrial revolution

Join SABTIA for the 1st Annual Africa TechCamp, hosted in partnership with Monash SA, on 25 and 26 September 2018.

Industry 4.0 will have an impact on the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem that supports innovation and incubation. Be part of SABTIA’s Africa TechCamp and be exposed to a broader understanding of the future of incubation programmes and government and private sector SMME development and innovation initiatives.  International and local industry experts will guide industry role players on global developments, innovative techniques and methodologies that can reshape and revolutionise existing models to better support SMME development programmes, entrepreneurial ventures and prepare our workforce to be innovative and remain relevant.



SABTIA in conjunction with The Small Enterprise Development Agency (Seda) and the Department of Small Business Development (DSBD), requests the honour of your gracious presence as well as offer a Message of Support, to officially relaunch SABTIA.

With the industry entering a new cycle we see more and more countries not only consolidating their ecosystems but more importantly, ensuring that appropriate local models are developed in alignment with global standards. The push to cross-pollinate and to collaborate and develop effective ecosystems – with best practices and standards –  is fast becoming a priority.

In response to the above, SABTIA has been mandated and reformed to fulfil this role.

This prestigious event aims to provide advocacy for the consolidation of South Africa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Intellectual Property and Technology Commercialisation Colloquium

The Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) and the Companies for Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) cordially invite you to attend the Intellectual Property and Technology Commercialisation Colloquium.