The Fit: SABTIA and InBIA

A strategic relationship with the International Business Innovation Association (InBIA) will connect SABTIA and its affiliates to a wealth of global entrepreneur support systems. 

InBIA is an international membership-based association that provides industry resources, education, networking opportunities and events and global standards and best practices to small business support systems, policy makers and entrepreneurs around the world.

This relationship ultimately seeks to strengthen the success of incubation programmes in Southern Africa and the U.S through joint business consultations and shared resources.

What does this mean for SABTIA members?

  • All SABTIA members will automatically become members of InBIA and receive full access to the platforms membership privileges and discounts.
  • Members will have access to a Display Library on the SABTIA Website, which will provide access to InBIA reference books.
  • In addition, SABTIA clients will, where applicable and appropriate, have access to SABTIA/InBIA joint-consultation projects.
  • Through joint Softlanding and Smart Take-off programmes SABTIA and InBIA will provide their clients with market access.

Central to this partnership is the shared knowledge and capacity building opportunities.  SABTIA has access to the InBIA training and event content which will bolster its local service offerings for its clients.  This partnership will also conduct mutually beneficial research, including an IMPACT index for Southern Africa.

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